BOSTON (CBS) – Phantom recently purchased four jars of pizza sauce from a local supermarket. The convenient contenders were Classico, Ragu, Contadina and Prego.


Contadina finished in last place. On the upside, this sauce comes in a handy squeeze bottle. On the downside, you won’t want to spread it on pizza dough or anything else. This sauce is too smooth, too salty and too acidic.


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This sauce is studded with tiny pieces of onion and flecks of herbs. However, instead of tasting fresh, it hits like a muddled, processed mess. Plus, it has more sodium than the others.


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This sauce is thick and chunky, packed with ripe tomatoes and plenty of visible herbs and spices. However, it’s too sweet and overloaded with oregano, overpowering the other flavors of the pizza.


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This sauce is At the Top of the Food Chain. It tastes like it comes from a local pizza shop with a nice aroma and a consistency that is not too thick nor too thin. This balanced sauce is worthy of putting on a pizza.