By Mike LaCrosse

WINCHENDON (CBS) – More than two feet of snow dumped on Winchendon in 48 hours. “Running out of room too early,” said resident Stephen Howlett.

For residents in the small town bordering New Hampshire, it’s been an exhausting two days of cleaning up.

“It’s not that bad. It definitely could be worse, but I don’t like it either way,” said Katarina Fournier.

A man uses a snowblower in Winchendon after a December storm (WBZ-TV)

David McKay spent Tuesday morning digging his car out and getting the two feet of snow off its roof.

“I’m always sick of the snow. I mean it’s nice, but as you get older it’s kind of tough,” said McKay.

By Tuesday afternoon the storm passed allowing for some sun to shine on the crews keeping the roads clear.

A person shovels out after a December snowstorm in Winchendon (WBZ-TV)

“Hopefully it’s just a flash in the pan and it’ll level out a bit moving forward,” said Winchendon Town Manager Keith Hickey.

Hickey said crews have been working since Sunday afternoon to keep the roads passable. Next they’ll tackle the oversized snow banks.

“The downtown area, there are some dangerous intersections, sight distance is a problem once we collect ourselves probably later this week we’ll be removing snow and making the parking area more convenient,” said Hickey.

Hickey said the storm cost the town $30,000.

Mike LaCrosse


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