By Bill Shields

MILTON (CBS) – An emergency slide fell off a Delta airlines jet and landed in a Milton backyard on Sunday. Stephanie Leguia has lived in her Adams Street home for six years and has yet to get used to the steady parade of jets overhead landing at Logan Airport.

“One right after another, so we get them every minute they come over,” Leguia said. “And my house is sooty.”

On Sunday, as Stephanie and a neighbor were out raking leaves, they heard a loud, muffled noise, “like a whoosh and a thump.”

An inflatable slide from a Delta flight fell into a Milton yard (Photo Via Kevin Brown)

When they looked up, they saw a massive tarp-like object in the yard. As it turns out, it was a 350 lb escape slide that had somehow detached from an inbound Delta jet.

“We were so close and these things can hit anybody,” Leguia said. “It’s nutty.”

To many Milton residents, it’s yet another reason why they want Logan’s flight patterns changed. They say in recent years, it’s only gotten worse.

“It just baffles me that nothing can be done. I don’t understand,” Leguia said. “Now things are falling out of the sky.”

Delta maintenance workers came and got the slide not long after it hit the ground. The FAA is investigating.

Bill Shields


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