BOSTON (CBS/AP) — An MBTA commuter ferry on its way to Boston listed heavily twice Monday morning, knocking passengers to the deck and making some fear that the boat was about to capsize.

The ferry, named the Massachusetts, left Hingham, hit some choppy water near Castle Island and reportedly listed to its portside in Boston Harbor.

A Boston Globe employee on board reported that the second time it happened the vessel tilted so far that it seemed perilously close to capsizing. Commuters on the upper deck went sprawling.

MBTA ferry Massachusetts in Boston Harbor (WBZ-TV)

“It was pretty harrowing,” one man told WBZ. “There was really chaos all around, a lot of people on the ground.”

The captain apologized over the intercom.

An MBTA spokesman denied that the boat came close to capsizing. He said the boat hit a wave and there was no damage or injuries. The vessel continued to Rowes Wharf in Boston.

“As the captain made a maneuver to bring the bow of the Massachusetts into the wind, the vessel listed but was never at risk of capsizing,” T spokesman Joe Pesaturo told WBZ-TV. “The Massachusetts (a monohull) has been replaced by a catamaran which offers increased stability in choppy conditions.”

It was rainy and windy in the Boston area on Monday morning, after 1.2 inches of snow fell in the city overnight.

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