BOSTON (CBS) — With Thanksgiving weekend come and gone, many people were headed back home and back to reality, but bad weather made that difficult. Canceled flights, long lines, and all types of delays were on display at Logan Airport.

The Plourde family was headed to Virginia after deciding to leave Mass. a day early.

“We were supposed to leave tomorrow and go direct. We are traveling through JFK and hopefully, the snow hasn’t impacted that too much,” said Nicole Plourde.

Stephen Johnson is leaving 10 hours earlier than planned.

“I had a late flight out to get back home but obviously I don’t want to mess with this storm,” said Johnson.

Virginia Ardia’s flight to Florida was canceled.

“My granddaughter got me a hotel room so I leave at 7 in the morning but that’s iffy too,” she said. “I made phone calls to other airlines to see if they could get me out, but everything was sold out. So anyway, here I am. It’s life, but it’s very frustrating.”

Mike Carr had a plan: “Get the heck out. We are from Atlanta went don’t see this.”

“We were due out Monday but Delta started sending out advisories and we said let’s go and they had a flight out at 6:40 tonight so we jumped on,” Carr said.

Mamadou Diallo said, “I’m very nervous, I have to work tomorrow morning so I got to get there somehow.”

According to Massport, more than 140,000 people will pass through the airport on Sunday.

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