METHUEN (CBS) — A drive around Methuen on Sunday night showed snow-covered roads and vehicles for the first time in months.

It caught Laritza Mejia off guard. “Dang, I hate it. Come on, it’s 6:30 and you get out of work and you have to clean your car because of the stupid snow,” she said. “It is really annoying.”

But the city is prepared with 30 snow plows out Sunday night and 60 more joining overnight.

Much of Merrimack Valley could get as much as 10 inches of snow by the time Monday morning rolls around.

“First storm of the year, everyone gets a little amped up,” said Methuen Police Capt. Kristopher McCarthy.

His advice? “Number one way is slow down. Estimate, go probably half the speed. If it’s a 30 mile per hour zone, maybe go 15 miles an hour.”

In Worcester, drivers struggled to make it up the city’s biggest hills. All it took was a few inches of snow and ice for plow crews to stay busy.

“Even if it’s just a bit of snow, it gets everywhere and it’s just a mess,” one woman said. “I just saw three cars down there, it took them a while to get up here. You had to keep pushing and stuff. It’s pretty bad and its just getting started.”

On the Mass. Pike travelers heading home tried to beat the storm.

“Not so bad so far. We got a little bit of ice on a bridge but otherwise its been pretty clear and they’re getting a lot of salt out there so it seems to be working OK,” one man said.

But conditions were headed downhill.

“I think they’re just gonna get worse, the temperature’s dropping,” a woman said.

Gov. Charlie Baker and MassDOT officials issued a warning Sunday night. “Drivers should use extreme caution if they need to be on the road tonight and they should avoid traveling if they can in areas of heavy snowfall, especially in central and western Massachusetts,” Baker said.


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