By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Halloween was over a month ago, but that didn’t stop the Houston Texans from playing dress up ahead of Sunday night’s game against the New England Patriots. Texans linebackers dressed as SWAT team members as they entered NRG Stadium in Houston.

It’s a move that most Patriots fans are mocking, and not just because they look more like angry mall cops than SWAT members. Dressing up against the Patriots hasn’t worked out very well for the Texans in the past, so it’s odd to see them return to the move in the present.

The Texans donned letterman jackets ahead of a game in New England back in 2012, pretending to be a “varsity” team against the mighty Patriots. That move backfired for the then-11-1 Texans, as they were walloped 42-14 by the Pats. The Texans haven’t won any of their seven games against the Patriots since that infamous night.

This group of Houston linebackers has played dress up before, arriving to last week’s Thursday Night Football matchup against the Indianapolis Colts dressed as characters from Mortal Kombat. Houston won that game, 20-17.

But dressing up against the Patriots hasn’t been a wise move for the Texans. We’ll see how that bold strategy works out for them Sunday night.


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