EAST BOSTON (CBS) — The British Airways counter at Logan Airport was busy Friday. Travelers were getting ready for a flight to London, but they also had something else on their minds.

Hours earlier, two people were stabbed to death near the famed London Bridge in an attack British police say is an act of terrorism.

“It seems like a very cowardly thing to do” said one man as he prepared to board his flight back to his native England.

Another native Londoner struck a defiant tone. “We have to carry on living our lives, otherwise terrorists are winning.”

Roberta Anderson was London-bound with her daughter Abigail Nairne. “Well we’re horrified” Anderson said. “We’re both London people and we’re just horrified that it’s happening again.”

Her daughter is quite familiar with the area where the attack happened. “My office is right by London Bridge, and so I fear for my colleagues. But as my mom said, life goes on and we have to carry on and look out for each other.”

As they headed back to the U.K,, one passenger summed up the day’s events.

“We’re in a world where there’s a lot of forces at work, and I think its a growing threat to the safety of people across all the great cities on Earth.”

Jim Smith


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