BOSTON (CBS) — Some football fans in New England held out some hope this week that Rob Gronkowski would be returning to the NFL. Yet Gronkowski is unable to play football, because he’s moved on to fulfilling his life’s purpose.

As a member of the Laker Girls.

Along with actor/comedian James Corden, the 30-year-old future Pro Football Hall of Famer stepped onto the court in Los Angeles on Tuesday night and showed that all of the time spent over the years dancing in the club has paid off.

And while Gronk may not have the experience of the Laker Girls … the man has got some moves.

Earlier in the night, Venus Williams and comedian Ian Karmel also performed with the Laker Girls. Corden, Gronk and Williams are all part of “Game On!” — a new show on CBS — which explains why they were all together for this round of dancing.

While he won’t be suiting up for the Patriots any time soon … maybe the Krafts could send him some blue, red and silver pom-poms with an open invite for the rest of the season. Being a cheerleader may be his true calling.

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