PLYMOUTH (CBS) – The North Plymouth fire station was ordered to be permanently shut down after town officials said a small amount of asbestos was found in the walls.

This is not the first problem the station has had recently. Earlier this month, a structural engineer said the floor wasn’t stable enough to hold equipment.

The North Plymouth fire station. (WBZ-TV)

This week, the town said 2% asbestos was found in some plaster, and the station will not re-open.

The town is working to notify anyone who worked in the building over the last 10 years so they can be tested for exposure.

“We’re not prepared or equipped mentally or physically to have to worry about what we’re exposed to inside our own building, it’s very disheartening,” said Lt. Brian Baragwanath of the Plymouth Firefighters Union.

At Plymouth Fire headquarters, a roof repair job created even more problems and exposed issues with that building.

“As a result of the leaks that had gone on for a while, we did some testing and found mold that was growing in the walls, and in the kitchen area and some cabinetry,” Fire Chief Ed Bradley said.

So with the living area at headquarters uninhabitable, firefighters are resting in a trailer that was brought in.


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