BOSTON (CBS) – MassDOT has launched a website with an interactive map that shows what the new “mileage-based” exit numbers will be.

The changes are being made as part of a federal mandate. The update will be done on a “route-by-route basis” starting in western Massachusetts and moving east. New signs will start going up late next summer. allows people to look up any existing exit and see what the new number will be once the signs are changed.

A look at the new exit sign (Image credit: MassDOT)

“Old Exit” signs will stay up alongside the new mileage-based signs for about two years.

The state will hold public meetings on the new exit numbers beginning in December.

Massachusetts risks losing federal funds if it doesn’t comply. The project’s estimated cost is $2.8 million, with 90% paid through the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program. The remaining 10% will paid with state highway funds.

New Hampshire and Delaware are the only other states who have yet to implement the change.


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