By Juli McDonald

EAST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – East Bridgewater Police are investigating a hit and run involving two teens who were riding horses.

“If we were two inches over in the road, we would have been hit head on,” said Maya Ryan. “I could have been killed.”

Police were called to Belmont Street Wednesday evening after an SUV allegedly sideswiped them.

“You’ve got to see two horses. We had our reflectors. You’ve got to see us,” Megan Mariano said.

“I saw the lady coming and thought she’s going to be really close to us,” said Maya. “There was nothing I could do.”

The girls were riding their horses back to the stable from a nearby field. It was just after five o’clock in the evening. That’s when they say a white SUV swerved toward them, clipping Maya who was riding Megan’s horse.

The sound of the side mirror snapping off was so loud it brought one neighbor out of his house. The girls say the driver stopped briefly, then kept going.

“I was over there screaming. She went down maybe two light poles down the street. She got out of the car. Walked around to passenger side, looked at the mirror and left,” Megan recalled.

East Bridgewater Police have yet to charge a driver, but the victims have a clear message.

“Keep your eyes open. Pay attention to the road. I don’t have my license yet and that’s stuff even I know,” Maya said. “In all reality we’re kids. We do a lot on our own but I don’t think any parent could prepare us for being in an accident like that. It’s crazy.”

Police are looking for a Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner with a damaged mirror.

Juli McDonald