BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady won his sixth Super Bowl with the Patriots last season. One would assume that eased the pain of losing the big game to the Philadelphia Eagles the season prior.

But Brady has said that losses stick with him more than wins, and that is certainly the case for Super Bowl LII.

With the Patriots gearing up to visit the Eagles on Sunday, Brady made it clear that he’s still not over the sting that came with New England’s 41-33 defeat in Super Bowl LII. Asked how long it took him to put that loss in the back of his mind, Brady said there is a lot of “mental scar tissue” lingering from that night in Minnesota.

“You assume I’m over it?” Brady asked WEEI’s Greg Hill during his weekly appearance on Monday. “Come on now. That’s a lot of mental scar tissue from that year. That was a tough game.”

This shouldn’t be too much of a shock, since Brady’s dad came out and said he doesn’t think his son will ever get over that loss. While Brady was excellent in that game, passing for a Super Bowl record 505 yards, the New England defense struggled to stop Philadelphia. But Brady said that loss helped fuel the Patriots to bounce back and win it all the following season.

“In a lot of ways I think we learned from that year and we came back stronger the next year and we won the Super Bowl,” he said. “So, I think everything is a matter of perspective. I think when you play in that game and you play great teams, you’re not going to win them all. This is not the Harlem Globetrotters versus the Washington Generals.

“This is all about tough competition against the best teams, and they deserved it that year,” Brady added. “And now a couple years later, we get a chance to play the organization again.”

Sounds like Brady is pretty fired up to get another shot at the Eagles. Sunday will mark the first regular season matchup between the Patriots and Eagles since Super Bowl LII. The 8-1 Patriots are looking to bounce back from their first loss of the season two weeks ago against the Baltimore Ravens, while the 5-4 Eagles hope to continue their playoff push with a third straight victory.



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