By Katie Brace

LYNN (CBS) – Rudy’s Barbershop was back open just one day after someone fired several gunshots through the door. Surveillance video shows the gunman and the chaos that followed.

The video from inside the barbershop in Lynn shows four men finishing up lunch when a man with a mask walks up to the door and fires a gun.

“At the moment I think I die,” said owner Rudy Bernabel.

Bernabel hit the floor and scurried under the bench. The other three employees bolted toward the back.

Surveillance video captures gunman opening fire at Lynn barbershop (WBZ-TV)

“Boom, boom, boom I went on the floor. I fell on the floor. I hit my head,” said Bernabel.

The bandage on his forehead hides where he hit his head diving for cover.

“Save my life,” said Bernabel.

A bullet did graze one of the employees, as he ran away. Bernabel said he doesn’t know who would fire a gun around four times into his business on Lewis Street.

“I have no idea why,” said Bernabel.

Less than 24 hours later, the barbershop was buzzing again with customers. While much is the same, Bernabel’s chair next to the door is marked by a bullet. A constant reminder of what he survived.

“Everybody happy. All my customers happy to know I am working today,” said Bernabel.

Police are searching for the gunman. In the surveillance video his face was covered and officers are looking at other surveillance video in the area for more clues.


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