BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts State Police held a status hearing Friday after criminal charges were announced against Trooper Andrew Patterson. The trooper has been suspended since he was accused of exposing himself at a Luke Bryan concert in Foxboro on June 21.

After Friday’s hearing, he was suspended without pay.

On Thursday, a clerk decided there was enough evidence for a criminal charge against the trooper. According to police, a couple at the concert said Patterson exposed himself and performed a lewd act. They said he appeared extremely drunk at the time.

The police report also said there was then an altercation where Patterson punched the boyfriend of that couple.

Trooper Andrew Patterson (Image credit Boston Herald)

Patterson’s attorney, Daniel Moynihan, called his client a hero because of his service in Afghanistan. He admitted there was a scuffle at the concert, but completely denies a lewd conduct accusation.

“If you’ve ever been to a concert, he was on the ground floor of Gillette Stadium with about 10,000 other people, they are all swaying and singing, and standing on chairs and whatever they are doing. Very, very chaotic scene, so many, many things can be misconstrued in a scene like that. Very, very chaotic,” said Moynihan. “The specific acts being alleged here are outrageous.”

Back in 2015, Patterson was cleared of any wrongdoing after he shot and killed Santos Laboy, who was allegedly wielding a knife and approaching police near Boston University.


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