By Katie Brace

AUBURN (CBS) – When attempting to rob an Auburn gas station, a man shown in surveillance video perhaps did not have the best disguise.

“He told me to not hit no panic button,” clerk Yamilette Cintron said.

Panic was not what was going through Cintron’s mind as she looked at the guy with his jacket collar pulled up over his head.

“At first, I thought he was joking around because you know people like to joke,” said Cintron.

Surveillance video from the Xpress Stop on Southbridge Street last week captured the entire exchange.

“He told me, ‘open the drawer.’ I told him, ‘no’ and I just started backing up and didn’t give him anything,” said Cintron.

She called to another man who was sitting in the store and that’s when the would-be robber took down his coat, leaned casually on the counter and tried to act like it was a prank.

A man allegedly tried to rob the Xpress Stop in Auburn (WBZ-TV)

What happened was so strange Yamilette did not tell her boss or police until the next day.

The police took it serious enough to ask for the public’s help in finding the guy for attempted robbery. The chief even wrote on Twitter ‘Does anyone recognize this rocket scientist.’

Yamilette has worked at the store for about seven months and never had to deal with a robbery attempt. She said even though he threatened he had a gun, she knew otherwise.

“He was acting like pulling from the side of his pocket, but he didn’t have anything,” said Cintron.

He then acted like he was going to buy something, didn’t and left. Unhurt, she initially felt the whole thing was silly.

“I feel like very nervous when I watch it, because I feel like he is going to walk in again because they are looking for him,” said Cintron.

Now, watching the surveillance video she knows it was no laughing matter.


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