BOSTON (CBS) — Leaving a dead-in-the-water Falcons team and joining a Super Bowl favorite in New England must have been an extraordinarily exciting moment for Mohamed Sanu.

Having to change jersey numbers, though, must have been a painful side effect for him to handle.

For his entire eight-year NFL career, Sanu has worn the jersey No. 12, both in Cincinnati and in Atlanta. But that jersey number has been occupied in Foxboro for the past 20 years or so, which meant Sanu needed a new number.

The Patriots announced on Wednesday that Sanu will be wearing No. 14.

Receivers can only choose numbers 10-19 an 80-89. In the teens, only 14, 19, and the cursed No. 17 were available. In the 80s, Sanu could have chosen from 81, 82, or 86-89. But with teen numbers being in vogue for wide receivers, Sanu went with the option that was closest to 12.

No. 14 was most recently owned by Braxton Berios, though he never appeared in a regular season game.

Jersey No. 14 In Patriots Franchise History
Braxton Berrios, 2018
Brandin Cooks, 2017
Michael Floyd, 2016
Chris Harper, 2015-16
Griff Whalen, 2016
Zoltan Mesko, 2010-12
Vinny Testaverde, 2006
P.K. Sam, 2004
Steve Grogan, 1975-90
Brian Dowling, 1972-73
Tom Sherman, 1968-69
Tom Yewcic, 1961-66
Tom Greene, 1960

Sanu has caught 33 passes for 313 yards and one touchdown this season.


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