By Kristina Rex

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – The family of a murdered Framingham woman tells WBZ it didn’t know of any issues between the victim and her boyfriend who police say killed her.

“This is the first guy she accepted and brought to my family,” Jayshawn Maddrey said.

His sister Jamia Ammons-Maddrey’s body was found at 5:30 Monday evening. Her mother had called police when she went to the Interfaith Apartment Complex to visit her 27-year-old daughter and found her car in the driveway and the TV blaring, but no answer from Jamia. “She knew something was wrong,” Jayshawn said.

Jamia’s boyfriend, Christopher McKoy, was charged her murder. Officials say he was with her Saturday night into Sunday, then cut off his GPS-monitored ankle bracelet that he had because of a firearm possession charge in 2018. He was in court Wednesday for the ankle bracelet allegation when a doctor testified that McKoy had schizophrenia and a history of mental illness.

Jamia Ammons-Maddrey (Image credit Jayshawn Maddrey)

Maddrey’s family hopes he’s punished to the fullest extent. “He deserves to be put away for the rest of his life,” her brother said. He told WBZ his family didn’t see any warning signs of domestic violence. “With domestic violence, you’ve got to speak up,” he said. “Or else nobody can help you.”

Jamia’s family set up a small memorial for her outside her apartment. On Wednesday, they hugged one another and cried as they remembered her. “She was very bright and she didn’t deserve what he did to her,” her mother Rosemary Maria told WBZ. “He took my baby. Her life.”

The Maddrey family is struggling to pay funeral expenses, and is asking the public for help via a GoFundMe page. Jamia’s brother described her as “brave” and “fearless.”

“I was her protector,” he said. “I was supposed to protect her. She knew that.”

Christopher McKoy is currently held without bail. A Boston judge ordered he be transported to Framingham where he will be arraigned on the murder charge on Thursday.

Kristina Rex


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