By Kristina Rex

EVERETT (CBS) – A water leak forced the evacuation of part of the Encore Boston Harbor casino Friday evening. Video from inside the Everett casino showed water pouring from the ceiling onto poker tables.

“It was like water pouring, splashing on the tables, so a lot people got splashed wet,” said Don Martini.

Water gushing out of the ceilings in the three-and-a-half-month-old Encore Boston Harbor poker room.

“The water kept coming and the next section of ceiling it started coming out and I was like maybe we should get up,” Martini said.

Martini was playing when he first heard, then saw, then felt the indoor rain, caused by a broken water pipe. Then everyone was evacuated from the poker room.

“There was probably 300 people in the section it happened and everybody was just in disbelief,” Martini said.

His wife was down at the slot machines and saw the rush of people fleeing the poker tables.

“They were all telling everyone that they could tell that there’s water coming out of the ceiling, and everyone has to evacuate,” Lori Martini said.

The area directly impacted by the pouring water will be closed for a while, but the rest of the room reopened hours later.

The Martinis say the incident won’t stop them from coming back. “It’s gorgeous,” Don Martini said. “It’s like this can’t really be happening in a brand new place.”

The $2.6 billion resort casino opened in June.

Kristina Rex


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