BOSTON (CBS) — A sextet of Hall of Fame quarterbacks got together to discuss the best quarterbacks in NFL history for an NFL Network special, and it comes as no surprise that Tom Brady was a rather significant topic of conversation.

The roundtable discussion will air on Friday night on NFL Network, but the league shared a teaser clip of the show on Twitter. In it, Hall of Famer Joe Namath said that there really can’t be an argument for anybody else other than Brady as the greatest of all time.

“You know from what I’ve surmised watching Tom, he’s had some great opportunities because of his team and his experience, and he’s owned up. He has stepped up. He’s answered that challenge more times than anybody. And he’s brilliant,” Namath said of the six-time Super Bowl champ. “You’ve gotta say, who’s the best of all time? Well, given the numbers and the championships, Tom is.”

Dan Fouts, who earned his gold jacket for his 15-year career with the San Diego Chargers and now analyzes games for CBS, gets to see Brady a lot more often than his Hall of Fame counterparts.

“The other part of it is he’s been in the same system forever,” Fouts said of Brady, “That means, the saying, ‘coach on the field,’ well no kidding. He’s smarter than the coach on the field, because he’s been in that huddle, he’s been in that pocket trying to get it done, but he knows how to do it, because he’s been there before. He’s seen everything.”

Roger Staubach’s praise was along those same lines.

“Brady has got an amazing ability to read the defense quickly, and going to the right receiver,” said Staubach. “Because you don’t have a whole lot of extra time anymore.”

The other QBs on the panel — Jim Kelly, Kurt Warner and John Elway — didn’t have much to say during the clip, but their commentary ought to be worthwhile too. That’s especially true for Warner and Elway, as the former lost a Super Bowl to Brady and played in the NFL through 2009, and the latter has competed as an executive against the Patriots since 2011.


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