By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – They can be seen pushing and scooting around campus at all hours of the day; on busy streets, bike lanes and sidewalks. Boston University students are using more scooters and bikes of all shapes and sizes these days.

“It’s so much easier and it’s a lot faster. I know there are safety concerns,” BU student Olivia Dagrosa said.

While BU officials support the increase in the use of these different modes of transportation they are also concerned about public safety and how they are being used on campus.

“We want them to use helmets travel slowly and avoid pedestrians. They need to travel in the same directions as cars. As long as they employ safety measures and not impede traffic and pedestrians,” BU Deputy Police Chief Robert Molloy said.

BU student Matt Michaud (WBZ-TV)

Police say scooter riders need to follow the rules of the road and the best place for them is in the bike lane and that includes non-electric and push scooters as well.

Electric scooter rental services like Bird and Lime rolled into city last semester. Some folks have complained about the clutter and congestion on sidewalks.

“If there is a bike path they need to ride in those because it’s designated for skateboards and bikes, so it’s more safe,” one student said.

While no major incidents have been reported riders know there is risk involved.

“The other day I fell off mine and now have a couple of bruises,” said BU student Arianne Banda.

Paul Burton


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