By Juli McDonald

LOWELL (CBS) – Opening statements Thursday in the murder trial of a Lowell woman accused of shooting a man during an alleged road rage confrontation.

Peabody construction worker Marc Devoe died after he was shot in the chest near the Lowell Commuter Rail station in February 2018.

Surveillance video appears to show a car following Devoe’s; The owner of that second vehicle told investigators Graciela Paulino had been borrowing it.

Graciela Paulino accused of murder in Lowell (WBZ-TV)

“What did she tell you?” the prosecutor asked the witness.

“That there were two dudes, and she shot a guy and it was like a movie,” the car’s owner answered.

Paulino’s attorney doesn’t deny she pulled the trigger, but claims the defendant acted in self defense. She argues it was Devoe who threatened the then 20-year-old woman.

Devoe’s father admits he had a temper, but said he wouldn’t have instigated nor would he have hurt a woman.

Marc Devoe. (Facebook Photo)

“I tried to tell him, one of these days you’re going to run into the wrong person. He ran into the wrong person – a person driving around with a gun,” Ronald Devoe said.

There was a passenger in Devoe’s car. He provided a detailed description of Paulino and the other vehicle. Devoe’s father said that coworker was expected to be a key witness in the trial but passed away unexpectedly.

Juli McDonald


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