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BOSTON (CBS) – A Massachusetts craft brewery is making a beer designed to help find a cure for childhood cancers, and it’s just one of many brewers around the country joining the fight.

According to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, an average of 43 children are diagnosed with cancer each day, so the need for research dollars is great. And that’s just what the Brewing Funds the Cure project is all about.

“The beer that we’re brewing is called Rising Hope. It’s an IPA that has pineapple and citrus flavors to it, and it’s a nice medium body. It’s really enjoyable,” said Jonathan Tomkins from Trillium Brewing Company.

Trillium Brewery is making a beer designed to help find a cure for childhood cancers. (WBZ-TV)

Rising Hope is the latest offering from Trillium. They opened the taps for the brew at their Fort Point restaurant last weekend.

You might not connect beer with fighting cancer, but if you buy one of these, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

“If you’re drinking beer, why not put your money towards a good cause?” asked Eric French, a Trillium customer.

All the proceeds go to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, which is dedicated to funding new treatments – and even a cure – for childhood cancers at places like Dana Farber in Boston.
Trillium is one of about 30 breweries across the country making Rising Hope.

“Knowing that Boston is a hub of research for anything medical, it just made sense for us,” Tomkins said. He also said Trillium jumped at the opportunity to help fund potentially life-saving research. “To use our product to raise awareness and funds for something that is often overlooked, as pediatric cancer is and can be, is a plus for us. It just makes you feel good at the end of the day.”

“I think that people like beer and people want to make sure that the cause is great, too. So the pairing makes sense,” said Holly Travis, another customer.

“Drinking beer for a good cause, can’t go wrong there,” added customer Michelle Champion.

Trillium brewed about 300 gallons of Rising Hope, so it should be available for a few weeks at the Fort Point and Canton locations. It’s $8 for a 16-ounce draft, or customers can take a growler to go. The Back Yard Brewery in Manchester, New Hampshire, is also selling the beer.

David Wade


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