BOSTON (CBS) – Transportation Security Administration officers seized a loaded hand gun at Logan Airport on Tuesday. It was the second gun discovered by TSA over the course of three days.

The loaded 9 mm gun and 10 bullets were spotted as the Uxbridge man’s carry-on bag was x-rayed. One bullet was in the chamber of the gun.

Massachusetts State Police responded and confiscated the weapon. The man was questioned and issued a summons.

Two guns seized at Logan Airport over a period of three days. (Image Credit: TSA)

On Sunday, another man was found with a .38 mm revolver and five loose bullets.

So far this year, 14 guns have been seized at Logan Airport. A total of 14 were found in 2017 and 21 in 2018. Nationwide, 4,239 guns were found in carry-on bags around the country.

Travelers are reminded that guns are not allowed in carry-on bags, even for those with concealed carry permits.


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