By Juli McDonald

LOWELL (CBS) – Five students were shot by BB guns at a Lowell school Wednesday afternoon.

Officers responded to the Greenhalghe School at about 1:30 p.m. They were told three Asian males were circling the school on bicycles and two were seen with BB guns.

“The two males with the BB guns entered the playground and indiscriminately shot at the students,” Lowell Police said.

One student, seven-year-old Jordan, showed the cuts and scrapes he got while trying to hide. “When I was running, I tripped over a rope and fell on my head,” the second grader said.

Jordan, 7, was injured running away from a Lowell playground after BB guns were fired (WBZ-TV)

Two of the five students who were struck by the BB guns were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Jordan recalled where some of his classmates were hit. “One was hurt in the back. Belly, arm. Nose, the head,” he said.

The students who were shot were part of an after school program because Wednesday was a half day for Lowell Public Schools. All of their parents were notified by phone.

Playground at Greenhalghe School in Lowell (WBZ-TV)

“I could tell something was wrong by the way her voice was. She was talking really fast. She said there were some kids, a shooting. She did mention it was BB gun. That brought down the stress a little bit. As soon as she said my kids were fine I was OK. But it’s not a phone call you want to get,” one mother said.

Police are still looking for the suspects involved.

A school resource officer will be here for the rest of the week to make sure kids and staff are safe, and to give families some peace of mind.

Juli McDonald


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