By Sarah Wroblewski

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – September felt more like summer with above average temperatures, but now that we have flipped the calendar to October, temperatures are dropping. After some frosty spots over the weekend with temperatures in the 30s, now is the perfect time to put your summer garden to bed and get ready for fall color.

Now is the time to cut back on perennials and pull out old annuals, according to Mark Saidnawey of Pemberton Garden Services. Fall feeding is also very important. “A lot of people don’t realize. Obviously you fertilize in the spring, but the plants could use a dose again in late fall,” Mark said.

If you want to spruce up your garden before your Halloween visitors, Mark said there are plenty of plants you can enjoy now that can handle the cold.

Pansies and ornamental cabbage are among the plants that can handle cool fall weather. (WBZ-TV)

“Pansies are the first ones in in April and the last ones out in November. Hardy mums and ornamental cabbage – don’t eat it, but it’s a really good one. These last until December.”

One last tip for new homeowners who may have irrigation, remember to get those sprinkler lines blown out.

“You need to hire a professional who will come in with this big compressor and take care of the water, so the water doesn’t freeze in those lines,” Mark said.

Sarah Wroblewski


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