By Paul Burton

NEWTON (CBS) — A Newton woman came face-to-face with an unusual intruder. Janis Mann heard a strange noise at home last week, then she realized it was a hawk.

“I suddenly hear a shower of glass breaking and I peeked around and saw a gaping hole in my window and I peeked further and there was a huge hawk sitting in the middle of my bed,” she said.

Mann ran out of the house and called 911 as the bird wreaked havoc and made its way into the office, flapping frantically.

“I think that hawk was more freaked than I was,” she added.

This hawk flew through a window of a home in Newton (Photo Courtesy: Janis Mann)

Mann believed the hawk is the same one she has spotted in her yard before. “He’d sit and look around, for about a month prior to this event. And we happened to notice that  there were fewer and fewer rabbits around and squirrels and chipmunks.”

She assumed the hawk may have been confused by the strong reflection from the window.

As an organized interior designer, the hawk was not a welcome guest. “In my room was glass and shards everywhere. It took a week to get it all out,” Mann said.

It took Newton police an hour to capture the bird while using a blanket.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and hawk seemed unharmed and happy to be free.

Paul Burton


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