BOSTON (CBS) — Some Beacon Hill residents were without water while crews investigated how a hydrant blew off Saturday morning. Flooding began near Revere and Anderson Streets around 8 a.m.

According to the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, a valve on the highly pressurized hydrant gave way on Revere Street, forcing gallons of water onto the street among strewn bricks.

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“At this point, there’s a lot that still needs to be learned, we’re still in a preliminary investigative stage of what happened, when we can take next steps, there was some question about the structural soundness of 89A Mrytle Street,” said Boston Water spokesperson Stephen Mulloney.

Crews evacuated a seven-unit building and were on the scene trying to determine if there are any other issues underground. Water and power were shut off to some buildings in the area.

Taylor Morgan was evacuated from her apartment. “I came back from a run this way on Anderson and saw running water. Then I went over to investigate and saw that there was a flood in the street. I went up to my apartment and I could feel my building rumbling.”

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“It was pretty inconvenient but luckily I have friends in the area,” Morgan added. She was told she’ll be able to return to the apartment later on Saturday.

An engineering company was called to inspect the integrity of at least one building on the street.

Mulloney said hydrants malfunctioning to this degree in the city is very rare.

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Water was restored to residents at about 5 p.m.