By Bill Shields

WEST ROXBURY (CBS) – Back in August, Julie Szegda smelled a strong odor of natural gas in the front yard of her West Roxbury home so she called National Grid.

A technician soon showed up, found the leak immediately by the curb, and marked it. He said it was a grade 2 leak, and that someone would be out soon to fix it but no one did.

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Weeks went by, and Julie kept smelling the gas. She called two more times, and each time techs came out and they all said, it was a grade 2 leak.

“Each time they come out, they say it’ll be a couple of days, then weeks go by,” said Julie Szegda.

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A National Grid spokeswoman told WBZ Thursday a grade 2 leak does not require IMMEDIATE attention, grade 1 does.

It’s nerve-wracking for Julie. “Scared, frustrates, annoyed,” she said. “Constant smell of gas.”

On Thursday, another tech showed up, checked her home and the entire street, then promised the leak would be fixed Friday. He also assured her there was no danger of fire or explosion.

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National Grid made good on its promise and showed up Friday to fix the gas leak.