LAWRENCE (CBS) – This is a story about a spider donut, and a little boy from Andover who’s been wanting one since last Halloween. So what happened when he learned Dunkin’ Donuts was sold out?

Well, that’s all about the kindness of strangers.

Five-year-old Declan Farese is on the autism spectrum, and that kindness he received can teach us all a big lesson.

“Even though it was seemingly so small, it really made such a big difference for us, and we just appreciated the kindness,” Declan’s mom Sarah Farese told WBZ-TV.

Since last fall, Declan has been craving a spider donut from Dunkies, a special edition they put out once a year.

“He’s been asking for them on a weekly basis, so it’s definitely his thing,” Sarah explained.

The spider donut. (WBZ-TV)

So when they saw a sign at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Winthrop Avenue in Lawrence saying the spiders were in, so were they.

“He was so excited,” said Sarah. They headed straight to the drive-thru. The woman at the microphone asked: “Welcome to Dunkins. How may I help you?” Declan knew exactly how to respond asking, “Can I have a spider donut, please?”

But the bad news rained down like sprinkles missing their mark.

“Spider donut? Right now we’re all sold out. Would you like another donut?” the clerk said.

No, he didn’t. Thank you very much.

“He was upset. He started crying,” his mother said. And because of his autism, this was going to be a tough disappointment to get over. “When he gets his mind stuck on something, it’s hard to switch away from that,” Sarah said.

It looked like the day was ruined, except that Sandra Rodriguez was on the job.

“He really wanted a spider donut,” the Dunkin’ clerk told WBZ.

Declan Farese gets a spider donut from Sandra Rodriguez. (WBZ-TV)

Like a super hero donut maker, she grabbed a strawberry frosted, a chocolate munchkin and some frosting, creating a custom-made spider donut for Declan.

“I felt so good because that’s what we’re here for, to make people happy,” Rodriguez said.

Declan couldn’t have been more delighted. And the message is clear.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a smile to somebody in the store or a small gesture, or for us, a spider donut. It can make such a wonderful impact on so many people, and really change their day, and that’s what Sandra did for us,” said an enormously appreciative Sarah.

The next time Declan and his mom went into the Dunkin’ Donuts they gave him two dozen spider donuts.

Declan Farese enjoying a spider donut. (WBZ-TV)

He took them to school to share with his friends to pay it forward.

David Wade

  1. Robert Simmons says:

    Great story on how NOT to bring up your child. Encouraging a tantrum to get what you want. A big problem today is kids don’t know how to deal with reality

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