By Juli McDonald

HOLDEN (CBS) – Finley Santoro just can’t stop smiling. How could she, after the best night ever!

The seven-year-old from Holden had quite the show & tell in school Wednesday, after a magnificent meeting with Hugh Jackman at his Boston concert!

The Santoros are huge fans of The Greatest Showman; Finley saw the film four times in theaters and dressed up as Jackman’s character for Halloween last year. When her mom surprised her with tickets Tuesday, she dug up her costume right away.

Hugh Jackman with Dillon and Finley at the TD Garden in Boston (Photo from Santoro family)

Just before intermission at the Garden, Finley and Dillon, another child dressed in character, caught Jackman’s attention and were brought up to the stage. Hugh Jackman posted a photo of the pair on his own Instagram, and Finley and her new friend Dillon are loving the limelight.

Finley Santoro (WBZ-TV)

“I got to talk in the microphone and be on the big screen. I was super-duper excited,” Finley said.

“She had an amazing night. We never would have expected this to happen,” Finley’s mom Kellie added.

Juli McDonald


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