BOSTON (CBS) – Slowly but surely recreational marijuana shops are opening in Massachusetts, but a new way to buy pot was approved on Tuesday. Marijuana could soon be delivered right to your door in the state.

The state’s Cannabis Control Commission will now allow home delivery which is a controversial step that’s been criticized by some in law enforcement as dangerous. After all, marijuana is mostly a cash business and the picture of delivery companies driving around with thousands of dollars of pot makes some people worried.

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“Anything that is finding a balance between opposing points of view is not going to satisfy either party,” said Steven Hoffman, chair of the Cannabis Control Commission. “We’ll monitor it and continue working with law enforcement to make any changes that are necessary.”

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How will it work? Safety protocols require two people in a delivery vehicle, alarms, GPS, secure storage, and body cameras that will record every transaction. That video will be kept for 30 days.

At New England Treatment Access, a marijuana shop in Brookline, customers like the idea.

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“It’s like a pizza delivery guy, you got to give them their money and they leave,” said one woman.

“I think overall it’s good, you know, keep it all in the privacy of homes,” a man said.

“It’s just more enjoyable you smoke, you chill and they bring it to you,” said another woman, holding two thumbs up.

The commission says it will be about two months before applications for home delivery are prepared, but perhaps the bigger hurdle, host communities also have to approve pot delivery to your door.

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The commission also approved a pilot program for marijuana cafes in a small number of communities but don’t expect them soon either. State legislature has to change the law before the ideas become a reality.

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