BROCKTON (CBS) – Flames broke out a Brockton home on Elmwood Ave. early Monday morning. But thanks to a quick-thinking homeowner, the bulk of the work was done before firefighters arrived.

Jean Etienne was able to use water from his outdoor swimming pool to knock down the majority of the fire in the kitchen.

“It’s fortunate, I went directly to the kitchen and I see fire everywhere,” Etienne said. “The ceiling was burning.”

A Brockton kitchen was damaged by fire (WBZ-TV)

He used a 5-gallon bucket and ran back and forth to the pool.

“I try all the time to keep my calm,” Etienne said.

He said he wasn’t just going to stand there and watch the house burn down.

“I have to do something, try, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work,” Etienne said. “I can’t stand and see the house burning.”

Jean Etienne (WBZ-TV)

When firefighters arrived, the flames had been washed away. While they don’t advise do-it-yourself firefighting, they admit the antique home is standing because of Etienne’s actions.

“This homeowner took action and luckily he probably did save the building,” said Brockton Fire Deputy Chief Joe Marchetti.

Etienne and his family are now looking for a new place to live until the repairs are complete.


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