FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – Congressman Joe Kennedy III officially announces his campaign Saturday but in a sense, the campaign really began Friday night.

It was a prayerful and spirited night at Greater Framingham Community Church and on this night, a visitor on a mission. Kennedy, now running for U.S. Senate against Ed Markey, an incumbent opponent in line with many of Kennedy’s principles.

“He’s a good man without question,” Kennedy said. “I just think when it comes to a number of the issues and what I care about and what I think our country and our Commonwealth are confronting, I think there’s a real difference there and I look forward to making that case tomorrow.”

Rep. Joe Kennedy III (WBZ-TV)

If you listen to Senator Markey you can hear issues historically important to the Kennedys, a challenge for voters.

“I’m going to run on the issues that I’ve always been fighting for and that’s climate and health care and income inequality, education, gun safety,” Markey said Thursday night in Lawrence.

Sen. Ed Markey (WBZ-TV)

But despite all they agree on, Kennedy hints the time is ripe for new blood.

“If you’re going to go around as I have for the past couple of years telling people to have faith, telling people to hold on, telling people just to fight harder and do more, then that’s on everybody,” Kennedy said.

And so it begins. A familiar story but a new chapter. A young Kennedy again reaching for higher office.


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