By Bill Shields

WINCHESTER (CBS) – Some may call the town of Winchester idyllic. Its streets are clean, its open spaces well-manicured, its residents diverse and engaged.

But recently, several flyers appeared in town, taped to light poles in the town center. They read: “Islam is RIGHT about women”

“I find it disturbing, and I hope it’s just a prank that someone didn’t think through,” said one resident, who was shown a photo of the signs.

There weren’t a lot of them, eight, maybe ten and police have since taken them down, but they were placed in the town center where passersby would take notice. They did.

Flyer posted to Winchester street sign (Image credit Anita Davison)

“Personally I don’t agree with that, second class citizen, human rights, I believe in human rights,” said another citizen.

The signs can be interpreted in many ways, but police say whatever the meaning, it is protected speech.

“It’s non-threatening. It’s basically one statement,” said Winchester Police Lt. Dan O’Connell. “And the only reason we took them down is because they’re on town property.”

But if the intent was to shock people, it may have worked.

No one has come forward claiming responsibility, or to explain the meaning of the signs but according to police, it is protected under the First Amendment.

Bill Shields


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