TAUNTON (CBS) – New England is full of diehard Patriots fans. But Nicole Gavin, of Bridgewater, has a very unique way of showing her love for the team: An incredibly detailed tattoo of head coach Bill Belichick.

It took six-and-a-half hours for a tattoo artist to complete the work of art on her leg. The 32-year-old is a lifelong Pats fan who used to go to games at the old Foxboro Stadium with her dad.

A diehard Patriots fan’s Bill Belichick tattoo. (Photo credit: Nicole Gavin)

“I really wanted Bill,” Gavin told The Taunton Gazette.

The image of Belichick wearing a headset with a pencil in his ear is next to a tattoo of Albert Einstein on her leg, where she wanted a “genius” theme.

“He’s [Belichick] a smart guy and I’ve read a couple things about him,” Gavin told the newspaper. “He bases all of his coaching on this book called ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu. He is just a genius.”

The tattoo artist is Ryan Jones, owner of Real Art Studio in Taunton. He shared up-close photos of the tattoo on Facebook, calling Belichick “the boss dog.”

The Facebook comments are full of praise for Jones’ talent, but some aren’t quite ready to take their Patriots fandom to the level that Gavin has.

“I love Belichick but not enough to put him on my body,” one commenter wrote.


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