BOSTON (CBS) — For over 20 years, the name Yastrzemski echoed through Fenway Park. From 1961-83, “Yaz” was the Red Sox.

The famous name will once again be announced over the loudspeaker at the famed ballyard the next three days, but it will be for a whole new generation of Yaz. With the San Francisco Giants paying a visit to Boston, it’s Mike Yastrzemski’s turn to take his spot in the Fenway Park outfield.

The younger Yaz — the grandson of the Hall of Famer and Red Sox legend — will play in all three games during the Giants visit, no doubt bringing back memories for the older generation of the Fenway Faithful — and leading  to countless stories for the younger one.

“It will be the first time since 1983 that the name ‘Yastrzemski’ will be announced,” the eldler Yaz told The Boston Globe. “It’s definitely going to be emotional. To see him come into Fenway Park where I played for 23 years, to have his name announced, that will be a great thrill for me.”

The story of Mike Yastrzemski isn’t a bad one, either. The younger Yaz has finally broken through in the MLB, and is having a solid season as a 29-year-old rookie. The lefty has clubbed 19 homers in his first 96 games as a pro, including a three-homer game last month.

Now he gets to play in the same ballpark that his grandfather built his Hall of Fame career in. The same ballpark that has his grandfather’s No. 8 hanging in right field.

“I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of pressure on him,” Carl told The Globe. “I just hope he will be able to overcome it and stay relaxed and play. Not try to do too much.”

The elder Yaz said he will do a TV interview alongside Mike on Tuesday evening before his grandson plays his first game at Fenway, but then he’ll head out and watch the game from home. He doesn’t want to interfere with his grandson’s special moment, and will wait to watch Mike in action on Wednesday night with a big collection of Yastrzemskis.

“We’ve got everything planned for Wednesday. We thought about going in on Tuesday, but decided against it,” said Yaz. “He’s going to have enough people bothering him and it might be a little easier on him if I’m not there watching him.”


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