FALL RIVER (AP/CBS) – Embattled Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia says he has no plans to step down despite a vote by the City Council to resign.

“Of course I’ll be here,” Correia said Friday night. “I’ll be here on Monday, I’ll be here if I need to on the weekend, I’m still doing my duties as the mayor of the city Fall River.”

The 27-year-old is facing dozens of federal charges. Just last week Correia was indicted for allegedly accepting kickbacks upwards of $600,000 from marijuana companies hoping to do business in Fall River.

Correia had until 5 p.m. Friday to turn in his keys to City Hall, but that deadline passed.

City Council President Cliff Ponte said as far as he is concerned he is “acting mayor” and will take legal action if Correia doesn’t resign.

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia outside City Hall (WBZ-TV)

“We don’t have to go to court, we don’t need to use taxpayer dollars to fight this in court, if the mayor could just resign from his duties as mayor and we could move forward,” Ponte said.

Correia is running for re-election and plans to campaign up until Primary Day on Tuesday.

“All of these charges are politically motivated,” Correia said. “They are intended very strategically before my primary election to have me not win the primary election, so I think he is playing into that hand of let’s get rid of this mayor by any means necessary.”

Correia is free on $25,000 bond after pleading not guilty to extortion.

Earlier on Friday, the list of 27 people he cannot contact while his case is pending was amended.

After a meeting in the judge’s chambers during a bail review hearing at U.S. District Court, the defense and prosecution agreed to lift the no-contact ban for several people tied to the ongoing case against Correia.

The names were not disclosed in court and Correia’s attorney, Kevin Reddington, refused to reveal them outside court. Correia was not present at the hearing.

Correia is also facing charges for allegedly defrauding investors and using the money to pay for his “lavish lifestyle” and political campaign.

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