By Paula Ebben

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – It’s the end of an era and a Cambridge institution, as the Fresh Pond Market is about to close its doors. After nearly 100 years in business, it’s been a heck of a run. But the two brothers who own the shop say, it’s time to relax.

Customers have been coming in ever since the news broke, showing their appreciation for the small, family run grocery on Huron Ave. in Cambridge. “This has been the longest running constant in my life,” said Elizabeth Gilmore, who has been shopping there for more than 40 years.

Fresh Pond Market opened in 1922. “We’ve been here 97 years. I, personally, have been here for the last 60 years,” said Marc Najarian, one of the owners.

He runs the shop with his younger brother, Crosby. “I started working here in 1965,” Crosby said.

Crosby and Marc Najarian (WBZ-TV)

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore. The market is the heart of the neighborhood, and has not only survived, but thrived. “I always say, if we don’t have it, you don’t need it,” Marc said.

But Marc, who turned 73 Thursday, and Crosby, who is 68, are calling it quits, wanting to get out while they’re still healthy enough to enjoy retirement. “I’ve been married 47 years. I have a great wife, and we just want to do a little traveling,” Marc said.

“I want to work on my golf game. It needs some serious work, just ask my son,” added Crosby with a smile.

So on Saturday, they’ll say goodbye. “Bittersweet, you know. I’m happy but also sad,” Marc said.

Fresh Pond Market in Cambridge (WBZ-TV)

And longtime customers, who are more like friends, are feeling it, too. “It’s crazy. It’s going to be sad to see it go,” said shopper Allie Worth.

“You know everybody who works here. If you forget your money it doesn’t matter. Pay another day,” said Barbara Harris.

“They have been so important to the community. They’ve lifted it up. They bring people together,” added Wylie Doughty, another long time shopper.

“We love you all. You’ve been really great,” said Marc Najarian.

There’s a deal in the works to sell the market and keep it as some type of food store.

Paula Ebben


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