BOSTON (CBS) — Patriots head coach Bill Belichick didn’t have anything to add to the Antonio Brown situation on Wednesday, ending his media session early when questions about the wide receiver’s sexual assault accusation kept coming.

After spending the opening moments of his Wednesday morning press conference dissecting the Miami Dolphins, New England’s Week 2 opponent, Belichick tried to get ahead of the Brown questions by saying that he wouldn’t be expanding on the statements that were released Tuesday evening.

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“On the Antonio situation, he and his representatives made statements and I’m not going to be expanding on those. They are what they are,” said Belichick. “We’re looking into the situation and we are taking it very seriously, all the way through the organization. I’m sure there will be questions about that, but there won’t be any discussions about that.”

But no one wanted to talk about the Dolphins on Wednesday, and reporters sent several questions about Brown’s accusations Belichick’s way. Asked if the Patriots were aware of the allegations when they signed Brown over the weekend, Belichick started to get short with reporters.

“I’m not going to be expanding on the statements,” said Belichick. “When we have more, we’ll say more.”

As the questions kept coming, Belichick’s demeanor got colder.

“I appreciate all the questions. What has been said has been said,” continued Belichick. “We’re working on Miami. The rest of it is …. we’re on Miami.”

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Asked if Brown had told them anything regarding the lawsuit, Belichick got snippy with the reporter, saying he had just answered that question. When the reporter shot back with, “actually, you didn’t,” it turned into a grade school argument.

“Actually, I did,” retorted Belichick, before the media session ended.

In his four-plus minutes at the podium, Belichick did say he expects Brown on to practice with the Patriots on Wednesday. But he but did not have a definitive answer about the receiver potentially playing Sunday against the Dolphins.

“We’re taking it one day at a time, just like we always do,” he replied.

If the NFL doesn’t take action against Brown between now and Sunday, it sounds like the receiver will be in uniform for the Patriots in Miami.

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In a federal lawsuit filed in Florida, Brown’s former trainer, Britney Taylor, filed a civil complaint against Brown, accusing the receiver of sexually assaulting her multiple times in 2017 and 2018. Brown has denied all the allegations.