By Katie Brace

ASHLAND (CBS) – Police said a man running from them used his car to attack an Ashland officer. Moments before the arrest, which was caught on video, they said the driver reached speeds of up to 75 miles per hour as he evaded police for about a mile.

“He sped past me and so did the cop car,” said witness Ali Jenkins.

Ali Jenkins took the video from the safety of her house. “Best to get inside and let the cops handle it,” said Jenkins.

Jeffrey Beale arrested by Ashland Police (Image credit Ali Jenkins)

Framingham police originally tried to pull over the driver for running a red light on Route 126. He sped off and shortly found himself trapped at Yankee Way in Ashland, which is a cul-de-sac.

The commotion sent a runner diving for cover. “He went diving into our bushes to get away,” said neighbor Mike Kelly.

Police said the driver intentionally rammed the officer’s cruiser sending it off the road.

Ashland Police cruiser damaged in crash (Image credit Ashland PD)

“I was hiding over there,” said witness Laura Kelly.

Laura Kelly heard the screeching tires and went to investigate. By this time the officer was out of his car and the driver was still behind the wheel.

“The white car revved its engine, like I am going to run you down. The policeman yelled, ‘don’t even think about that. Don’t even try that,’” said Kelly.

After a tense minute, the officer arrested Jeffrey Beale of Framingham who is well-known to law enforcement in the area and has a lengthy record.

Jeffrey Beale arrested after chase in Ashland (WBZ-TV)

“During the booking process the suspect stated to many police officers, ‘I was going to run that cop over,’” said Ashland Police Chief Vincent Alfano.

In his rental car, investigators say they found stolen landscaping equipment, crack-cocaine and a knife.

“I just was worried it was going to escalate,” said Laura Kelly.

For the neighborhood the arrest was more excitement than they needed in their quiet community.


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