By Louisa Moller

WEYMOUTH (CBS) – A 2-year-old from Weymouth is recovering after she was attacked by a rabid skunk.

Fatima Bennette’s family was grilling in their backyard Monday night, when they say an aggressive skunk showed up.

Fatima’s grandmother, Betty Bennette, hit the skunk with a toy as it approached but she says the toddler’s mother could not get to her in time before the skunk attacked.

A Weymouth 2-year-old was attacked by a rabid skunk in her backyard. (WBZ-TV)

The family looked on in horror as the skunk latched onto Fatima’s leg with its mouth.

“She was hysterical as we all were. We were screeching,” Betty Bennette said. “The skunk was hanging from her leg.”

Fatima’s mother kicked the animal until it finally let go and the Weymouth Fire Department arrived to deal with the backyard intruder, eventually putting it down.

“It took a while. The skunk kept coming at the firemen. They said it would not give up. They were spraying it directly in the face and it kept coming at them,” Betty said.

Fatima went to the emergency room with her family to be treated for minor scratches. Her family says she will receive a full course of rabies shots because the skunk tested positive.

“She’ll be completed on the 23rd and we’re looking forward to her having completed all her rabies shots now,” Betty said. “It was such a freak incident, I’m hoping I never have that encounter again.”

Louisa Moller


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