MARLBORO (CBS) – Schools in Marlboro have moved all recess and physical education classes indoors due to concerns over the risk of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).

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City officials have already put restrictions on outdoor activities in place. All activities must end by 7 p.m.

Superintendent of School Michael Bergeron directed the recess and gym class changes out of caution until further notice.

“Several times during the year we have recess indoors anyways so it’s really not an inconvenience to us. We thought out of an abundance of caution it’s the right thing to do just for a couple weeks and we will revisit this in a couple weeks to see where we are at,” Bergeron said.

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Andy Bernabei, the Marlboro director of early childhood education, said he has received many calls from parents voicing concerns about EEE.

“I got a lot of calls yesterday with some concerns from parents,” said Bernabei. “I’ve told them this is a precaution we just want to keep the kids safe and make sure nothing happens.”

Parent Kaillee Sanquintin said, “School doesn’t want to be liable if a mosquito just so happens to bite somebody’s child and they end up with the EEE.”

Marlboro sprayed for mosquitoes on August 26 and 27.

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Dozens have communities in the state have been listed by the Department of Public Health as high risk for EEE, with more than 100 at moderate risk.

There have been seven deaths related to EEE.

The health department said the best way to protect yourself is wear bug spray, drain standing water near your home and go inside at dusk and dawn. The risk of EEE won’t truly be gone until the first frost kills the mosquito population. According to WBZ-TV’s chief meteorologist Eric Fisher, that won’t happen until October and maybe even November for some towns.


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