MELROSE (CBS) – For parents, getting back into the school routine can be a crazy time of year, but several new companies are taking the work – and the stress – out of the question, “What’s for dinner?”

With two girls in elementary school and a full-time job, mornings can be hectic for Brenda St. Arnaud. Between packing lunches, planning rides for after-school activities and worrying about where the Chromebook is, the Melrose mother doesn’t have a lot of extra time to worry about what she’ll be able to pull together for dinner.

“We try to sit down a couple of times a week for dinner, but a lot of times we are just eating on-the-go,” she said.

The St. Arnaud family doesn’t always have time to sit for dinner as a family. (WBZ-TV)

For those on-the-go days, she relies on Yumble.  It’s a service that delivers nutritious, kid-friendly meals to your doorstep. Think Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, but the meals are already prepared and include things like taco bowls and kid-friendly pasta dishes.

“Riley likes the Bowl of Yays,” Brenda said chuckling about the play on words for the meal which is basically a Bolognese.

The meals run between $7 and $8 and are packed in kid-sized portion trays, but even Brenda will grab one in a pinch.

“Chicken and meatballs. I’m taking that to work today,” she said.

Yumble is one meal delivery service focusing on kid-friendly meals. (WBZ-TV)

Brenda said just knowing there is always something healthy in the fridge is a great stress-reliever.

“I don’t want to be feeding them mac ‘n’ cheese out of a box every night.”.

Yumble is just one of several companies tapping into the meal delivery craze, but focusing on kids. Scrupt is all about packing a healthy school lunch. Dinnerly is good for families on a budget. Nuturelife has meals that include hidden veggies for picky eaters.


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