By Jim Smith

ORLEANS (CBS) – The waves at Nauset Beach may look ferocious, and they are. But for the most part, Cape Cod dodged a bullet Saturday as Dorian stayed far enough offshore to keep damage to a minimum.

Cape Codders, like Anita Karsky of Orleans, were thankful. “I got up in the middle of the night just to check and see what was going onm and the shrubs were bending and all that; it was just a normal day for me.”

In West Dennis, Hurricane Dorian brought down some trees. (WBZ-TV)

By late afternoon, the sun had actually poked through the clouds and crowds came to Nauset to take in the sight of the raging surf.

“We don’t have any problems right now,” said Shaun Eskola of Brewster. “This is about all we’re gonna get. The rain’s gone out to sea now, so it’s just gonna be high waves and beautiful.”

The Cape did have some scattered issues. In West Dennis, clean up crews cut up some trees brought down by wind, but Governor Charlie Baker seemed relieved, saying “The only real hit to the Commonwealth was a bit on the Cape and a little bit on the islands, and we have people who are reporting to us about what’s going on out there.”

Back at the beach, Lori Horn was relieved that, at least at Nauset, there wasn’t serious erosion. “We weathered the storm very well, I believe,” she said, as Saturday ended with much calmer weather than the morning featured.

Jim Smith