By Kristina Rex

FALMOUTH (CBS) – It’s a New England bride’s dream: a wedding under the sun near the ocean in beautiful Cape Cod.

“It’s actually my second home,” said Lydia Caserta, who is getting married in Falmouth this weekend. “I absolutely love the Cape and I always knew I wanted to get married on the Cape.”

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But hers and others brides’ outdoor wedding dreams could be dashed by Hurricane Dorian. The leftovers from the hurricane are expecting to brush along Cape Cod over the weekend.

A couple whose wedding is being impacted by Hurricane Dorian. (Courtesy Photo)

“I’m hoping that we’re not going to have any rain,” Caserta said. “All we can do is pray for good weather, but it’s really up to the environment. So we’ve kind of had to let go of that. If it rains, it rains.”

She’s getting married at the Highfield Hall, and plans to have both her ceremony and cocktail hour outside.

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“You can’t control it so I’ve kind of got to let go of it,” Caserta said. “I am the kind of person who worries about a lot of things, but I can’t control this so I’ve tried to let it go.”

If it rains, Caserta and her fiancé Chris will have their ceremony inside.

“We’re flexible,” said Nancy Porter, the interim Executive Director at Highfield Hall.

Caserta has a good attitude about the whole weekend. She says she knows rain is known to be good luck for weddings, and she’s worried more about the people severely impacted by the hurricane down south.

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“It’s a tricky time of year,” she said. “September is hurricane season. So, I always knew that there could be a chance but you kind of take that when you get married in the fall in New England weather.”

Kristina Rex