BELMONT (CBS) – Dark clouds rolled across the region Wednesday evening, bringing with them torrential soaking rain and winds that blew large trees like beach grass. One large tree in Arlington cracked and clipped a chimney.

The Hamlet Street homeowner describes what he heard. “There was a loud burst, kind of a thunderclap,” he said. “Thought furniture had fallen in the house. Realized bricks were falling in the driveway and hit our car.”

It came to a rest against the chimney and missed the roof. Crews worked quickly to clear the branches.

Crews remove tree from home in Arlington (WBZ-TV)

In neighboring Belmont, a man waited out the storm at work – not knowing the big mess awaiting him at home. He feared the worst when he saw Beech Street blocked and flashing lights outside his door. “It might be something horrible that happened,” he said. “When I got closer I saw everything is OK. Yeah I just relaxed.”

He said the parking rules worked in his neighbors’ favor – no cars are allowed on that side of the street where that large tree came crashing.

“I’ve lived here for about 15 years I’ve never seen such a thing.”

A few streets over on Pequossette – it appears a large tree also missed a home by just feet.


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