BOSTON (CBS) – Do Boston sports teams win too much? That’s the provocative question asked in the fall issue of Yankee Magazine, posed by longtime local sports reporter Leigh Montville in an article titled “When Winning Never Stops.”

The former Boston Globe writer sat down with WBZ-TV’s Liam Martin to defend his take. He reflected on the jubilation in the region after the Boston Red Sox broke the curse in 2004, but says some fans are growing indifferent to the avalanche of championships in recent years.

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“As it keeps coming, it’s like one thing after another,” Montville said. “You find yourself not going to all the duck boat parades, at least I don’t.”

A “Boston 12 Pack” at the Patriots Super Bowl parade (Photo credit: David Wade/WBZ-TV)

Montville was a Globe columnist from 1968 to 1989, and said he covered some “grim” years in Boston sports, especially for the Red Sox. He noted that now, even though the Sox are having a tough season, they’re still in contention for a playoff spot.

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“The amazing thing is even when we don’t win things, we’re in it,” he said.

Another argument Montville makes in his piece is that kids born in New England after 2001 don’t know how to lose.

“My grandkids, they’re 14 and 11, they haven’t suffered,” he said.

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Watch the full interview in the video above.