MAYNARD (CBS) — Days after several businesses in downtown Maynard were vandalized, police made an arrest. Jeremy Bearse, 27, of Acton, was arrested Friday.

On Aug. 26, five Main Street stores discovered some of their windows and doors had been shattered by bullets from a pellet gun.

“At least one business had been entered, with various items thrown around and damaged. One business had several items reported missing as well,” said police.

Jeremy Bearse was arrested at his home Friday. (Photo Courtesy: Maynard Police)

Surveillance video from a McDonald’s, which was among the businesses vandalized, helped identify Bearse as the suspect.

Tara Hickley’s Harry Potter themed shop was also hit. “I feel that it’s personal, I feel violated…I mean, it was like almost with care, they stole from us. So I have a feeling it’s someone who has been here, someone that we know. That makes me very sad,” she told WBZ-TV.

Glass windows and the door of Sugar Snap on Main Street in Maynard appeared to be shot out by a pellet gun (WBZ-TV)

Bearse was charged with two counts of breaking and entering in the nighttime, five counts of malicious destruction of property, larceny from a building, breaking and entering into a depository, and attempt to break into a depository.

He will be arraigned Tuesday and is also currently on probation for armed robbery.


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