By Paul Burton

MILLBURY (CBS) – Junea Bicalho breaks down outside her Millbury home. Police say her fiance, 51-year-old Daniel de Lima, was struck and killed last month by a hit and run driver on Singletary Ave in Sutton.

“It’s going to be hard to keep going without him,” she cried.

Sutton Police later identified and arrested Shane Newman. He pleaded not guilty to leaving the scene of a crash causing personal injury and death.

Junea Bicalho (WBZ-TV)

“I was living in heaven I found the love my life we belong to each other,” Bicalho said.

Sutton Police are still getting reports of erratic drivers and speeding in the same area de Lima was killed. Now they are patrolling the area. Over the weekend, they clocked half a dozen drivers going 50 in 35 mph zone.

“In that area and all around we just want people to slow down that’s the message, that’s why we are out here,” Sutton Police Sgt. Joshua Nunnemacher said.

Junea Bicalho and Daniel de Lima (Image credit Junea Bicalho)

Police have been out all week trying to make sure drivers slow down. “We will run some radar in the area and conduct enforcement and do what we have to do to try to curb the problem,” Nunnemacher said.

Junea is glad Sutton Police are taking action. “Drivers need to recognize the responsibility they have and the road is for everyone,” she said.

Both Junea and Daniel were looking forward to a new chapter in their life. They were about to get married next year. “We appreciate what the Sutton Police have been doing. Unfortunately nothing will bring Daniel back but we make drivers recognize you know the way they need to drive and be aware,” she said.

Paul Burton


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